abcMorse, a Morse code tutor for Palm OS / Palm Pilot

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abcMorse v2.0.4 is here!

Want to learn Morse code? Or just play around with it? Then check out these screen shots!

Cool features? Naturally, when dealing with a 100+ year old communication technology, there's a limit on what one can consider 'cool'. But we gave it our best shot!

  • Farnsworth support
  • Flashing backlight support
  • HUGE font in random free run mode
  • a cool scrolly bar when listening to QSOs
  • a handy Morse-to-text-and-back translator / converter
  • built-in Q code quiz
  • For Palm OS 3.5 or higher

If you're just looking for a cool Morse code reference tool, abcMorse in unregistered mode will do everything you need! If you want to flash Morse code messages using the backlight of your Palm Pilot, this will do it!

How about a big feature comparison table that shows where abcMorse stands versus some other software like MorsePilot or Morse99? You might see abcMorse listed on other sites. If you want to link to us, go ahead!