Download abc Morse code for Palm OS

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If the volume on Morse code software goes through the roof, I'll automate this. Until then, you'll get personalized 'actual human' service. Of course, sometimes that means sometimes I'm walking the dog or on a weekend trip. Generally you'll get your code back in 0-3 days. A couple times a year, I'm gone for a week.

For now, click on the PayPal link, which will let you use a credit card if you like, and you don't need a PayPal account. Be sure to send me your HotSync name in the message area, with the same upper or lower case that it actually has, and with any spaces that it has. You can see exactly what your HotSync name is inside abcMorse via the Help->Registration menu.

I'll email you your registration code. The price is $15.

Click on this button to buy >>>

But, why register?

abcMorse in unregistered mode is fully functional, and theoretically you could learn Morse at 8 WPM. But the brain really learns these sounds much better as a "word", and that only happens when you get up to speeds of, oh, 13 WPM and higher. So, if you just want to play around with Morse, please enjoy the software!

If you want to really learn it so that you can understand it on the radio or for testing, you'll have much better results if you access the higher speeds available by registering.

Refund Policy: No refunds.