1998 Very First Rally

Post Turkey Rally

Imagine: You find out about the sport of rally on the internet. You learn you missed the last local rally by only a few days. A week later, you realize there is a rally just a couple hours away, and you have a week to prepare. A week? Plenty of time to build a rally computer! The prototype is put together and becomes a potential death-trap sitting above the passenger side airbag, mounted on a sheet of Plexiglas and suction cupped to the windshield.

A beautiful day near Winston-Salem, picture this: December 7th, and it's 70 degrees! Sun is shining, and we run the entire event with our windows down. In December!

During the rally, an incorrect instruction leads the entire field off course. After coming to the dead end and backtracking, we realize that we are five minutes behind time. Some rather, er, spirited driving actually allows us to make up the five minutes! At this point in time we didn't know about time allowances...