LinaScore 2.0 - Rally scoring software

Before you read any further here... check out the page for LinaScore Version 3.1!

LinaScore is a simple and easy to use program designed for scoring stage rallies.
In addition, it will automatically create and update online results pages on your web site, with live updates as you enter data.


  • Handles up to five simultaneous championships
  • User defined classes for each championship (with competitors possibly running different classes in different championships)
  • Enter scores on a per-competitor basis (time card) or a per-control-location basis (log)
  • Supports tracking two results for each control (time card and log) and choosing which one of them to use
  • Auto-FTP upload of scoring results
  • Automatic computation of time penalties for entering controls early or late (with overrides)
  • Uses an external database

The software is available for rent on a per-event basis.


Rallies Using LinaScore