Instructions for LinaScore Virtual Volunteers

These instructions are for volunteers who are telecommuting in to assist with scoring.

Getting Set up
First, log in to your account. Go to and enter your email and password. The scoring is done within the admin section of the database, so you will need to log in a second time by clicking on the 'Admin Log In' tab.

Click the Admin tab, enter your password again, and you'll see the NASA Rally Sport logo and a few more links. Scroll down and then click on 'Event Scoring' You should see 'LinaScore v3.1' and then a box with links for the rally you're working on. If you see no events, you have your admin password, but haven't gotten the correct permissions for scoring. Contact an admin. If everything works getting that far and you see links like 'Enter Times From Logs' then all the permissions are set up correctly.

Everything we're doing this weekend is under 'Enter Times From Logs' since you will be being read the results from one of the logs at a stage. You can look at the time card form too, but since we aren't FedExing time cards to you, don't enter any data there. :) So leave the 'Enter times from logs' page up to be ready for when calls come in.

Taking Calls
When someone calls you the first thing to do is swap names so that you can reconnect if there's any trouble. Then ask what stage they are on and where they are on that stage. The confusion will usually be between arrival control and start control, since those are both physically at the start of the stage, so be sure to clarify by asking 'Is this for where the cars were checking in, or is this for where they were being counted down to race?' when they say they are at a stage start.

The paper sheets the volunteers have is like this:
time - car number
time - car number

but your data input setup is like this:
car number - time
car number - time

so ask them to read you car number first, then time.

There are two ways to handle the calls. One is to key all the data in to the web page as it is read to you. The other is to write down the times and key them all in after the call is over. Here is a .PDF of a log that you can print out to easily manage recording the scores:
Print a bunch and use one for each call.

Missing Calls
On the other end, the people on the stages will be using a rolling call list. So they call any random person to start. If that person doesn't answer, they just call the next person on the list. So if you have to run into the basement to chase a cat and miss a call, the guys on stage just call the next person on the list, no big deal.

There's also a chat room for everyone on the scoring team:

Just put your name in the white box and log in is painless. Also, after you've finished a call, just post in the chat room with 'got the call for SS3 finish'. The chat room is also handy for keeping track of who is 'offline' and can't take calls, so checking in and out is nice.