LinaRoute - Route book and scroll chart creation software

LinaRoute - Rally Road Book Creation Utility

LinaRoute is a simple and easy to use service for creating nice looking road books for car or motorcycle events. If you're like me, you've struggled with spreadsheets for too long. They can make a nice looking road book, but when you want to go back and add tulips, or remove them, the amount of time spent editing takes way too long. And if you want to take the same data for the cars and present it in a skinny strip for the bikes, forget it! You have to rip the spread sheet apart and mess with it all day to get it to fit. Here's how the LinaRoute system works:

  1. You define the route (naming the tulips, not bothering with drawing them) and mileages in a simple spreadsheet.
  2. You send me the spreadsheet.
  3. I send you PDFs ready to print. Easy!

Let's face it: finding roads is more fun and more important than hours (or days!) in front of a computer editing a book and messing with margins and templates. Use LinaRoute and you'll have more time to do all the rally stuff that only you can do. Once you get the PDFs from me, you can go over it to make sure it's all correct. If not, send me the updated spreadsheet and we'll rebuild the PDFs for you. :)


  • A wide library of pre-existing tulips.
  • Creation involves a simple spreadsheet. No formatting, page templates editing, page creation, or tedious drawing needed!
  • Auto-Bold of any description text containing a "!" to emphasize cautions.
  • Once your spreadsheet is ready, creation of the same data in multiple formats (for cars and bikes) is easy!

Output Formats

The magic is that from the same spreadsheet you build can make a variety of books, so you can make sure that different people get the same data. If you're running cars and motorcycles, this is critical.

Available sizes:

  • FIA Size - See example - 5.5" by 8.5" - This is actually an adaptation of the FIA page spec (A5 size) to paper available in the US.
  • Letter Size - See example - 8.5" by 11" - Standard US letter size.
  • Motorcycle Size - See example - 2.25" wide. The length can vary depending on what works best for your printer.
    Asking them about 36" and 54" is recommended, as some printers can auto-cut 36" and if not, many manual slicers top out at about 54". This format meets NASA Rally Sport RallyMoto™ specifications.


Package Cost # of PDFs # of free
custom tulips
FIA Size US Letter Size Motorcycle Size
Basic $120 1 0 Yes
Basic Plus $140 2 1 Yes Yes
Complete $150 3 2 Yes Yes Yes

Also available

Cost Option
$5 Custom tulips
$40 A service road book for the same rally with the purchase of any of the packages above.

Custom tulips go into the pool for everyone to use and you only pay for them the first year. Feel free to use the custom tulips from other rallies if they fit your road. Any way you can get the drawing to me is fine (fax is easy: 919.882.1883).

The Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is pretty easy to use. It's all text, and none of the formatting, column sizes, colors, or fonts that you use make any difference to the output, so you're free to mark it up in a way that make sense to you. There are three tab/sheets. Below are the descriptions of each what each column does. The easiest thing to do is download the sample Excel spreadsheet and try it.

Sheet 1 - Tulips

  • SectionNumber - Starts at 1 and goes up by one for each section (stage or transit). Each time it goes up, a page break is inserted.
  • Section - For your use. I usually put in the stage number, or Odo. Affects nothing
  • TulipNumber - The global tulip number. This will show up in very small type next to each tulip drawing. Having a unique number for every tulip gives you a great way to reference that tulip precisely. The method of using "Look on page 19, tulip number 3" doesn't work when some of your competitors don't have pages, they have a 20' long scroll!
  • StageTransit - Currently unused. Either the word Stage or the word Transit will go here.
  • PavedGravel - Currently Unused. Either the word Paved or the word Gravel will go here.
  • Decline - The number shown in the declining mileage column.
  • Overall - The number shown in the overall mileage column.
  • Delta - The number shown in the Delta column.
  • Tulip - The name of the tulip graphic. You can click here for the big list of tulips.
  • Information - This is the text description that goes next to the tulip. If it has a ! in it, it will be bolded.

I highly recommend that you use the delta column as your "original" data and using a formula to calculate the totals and the declining. This will make reusing sections much easier if you use a section of the stage or transit more than once. The sample spreadsheet does this. I generally make all my measurements using overall mileage when out on the course, then do all my road book making using intervals calculated from the overalls I measured.

Sheet 2 - HeaderInfo

This sheet gets all the stage names on the tops of the pages

  • SectionNumber - This matches the SectionNumber from Sheet 1.
  • Section - For your use. It's easier if these match Sheet 1.
  • From - The description of where this section starts. (Example: Stage 1 Start)
  • To - The description of where this section ends. (Example: Stage 1 Finish)

Sheet 3 - RallyInfo

  • RallyName - The name and year of the rally.
  • FooterText - Shown at the bottom of the car pages.


Rallies Using LinaRoute