Race Team Members

Lina Racing Team Members

Anders Green -Driver

Began racing in 1999 and progressed through team management, car preparation, infrastructure generation... all in addition to driving just this side of not crashing! Now primarily involved with furthering the sport of rally.


  • "...we ended up in the Beans!" - Recounting one of the night stages on Sunsetter after an unplanned excursion into a field.
  • "Oooo, we landed near a lake!" - After climbing out of the truck, which was laying on the driver's side. We had just left the road at 50 mph, flipped tail over front, and landed on the roof, then slid down the embankment to end up on the driver's side door.

Amy Feistel - Co-Driver
Amy Feistel began her rally career as a crew member for Anders Green of Lina Racing. She took up a side job as trophy girl and began handing out trophies at many rallies, including such high profile events as the FIA sanctioned Cherokee Trails International Rally. Still, rally didn't quite seem exciting enough and Amy wanted to get closer to the action.

Following a rally in the heart of Virginia, Amy took a drive on the practice course in a rally car. She's been in a seat ever since! Fortunately, Feistel finds the rush of competition on gravel even more rewarding than a modeling career as trophy girl. Her professionalism, skill and light weight have her constantly entertaining offers to navigate.

Amy's professional experience include navigation for Anders Green, Lisa Klassen, and Andrew Havas. Amy also has experience in TSD rally. When Amy is not navigating, she organizes rallies for NASA Rally Sport. She volunteers as Registrar, Competitor Liaison, Secretary to the Rally, and assists with Timing and Scoring.


  • "You can go faster. I'm not scared yet." - during her third stage at Maine Forest Rally with Anders Green (Amy's first rally).
  • "Wow! I feel like yesterday was the first day of kick boxing class." - after Amy's first gravel event.
  • "I've never been so fast, so sideways, and completely loving it!" - after Dryad Quest Rally with Andrew Havas.

Jeff Denton - Crew Chief
Former co-driver turned crew chief, Jeff has had considerable experience in the realm of navigation, primarily in the more technical aspect of precision TSD rallies, where milage to the thousandth is the difference between winning and fourth place. He has also spent some time researching the techniques and deriving the equations behind the rally computer's workings.


  • "I wasn't scared at all during that whole run." - After English Run at Ski Sawmill, average speed 60, top speed 80. Often airborne and we reportedly made some turns with our outside rear wheel hanging over a 15 foot cliff.
  • "Looking Good!" - After we blew through a 90 degree left and plowed off into the field, stopping just short of crushing some trees and a few spectators.

Andrew Frick - Co-Driver
Frick has been involved with the Lina Racing team for several years as a crew member. In 2002 he stepped up to become the latest co-driver. Excellent performance at one of the most difficult rallies to navigate of the season. Frick is also involved in autocross and rallycross in the SouthEast region, where he is a rising star in the driver's seat.


  • "I can't wait for the un-official Anders Green Fan club site to go online."
  • "About 1 minute into the stage I looked up to see medium sized pine tree directly in front of me. I looked at and was thinking to myself that could mess up the truck if we hit it. Well like a good rally driver Anders nailed the tree on the
    co-drivers side of the bumper. It made a lot of noise but the truck was still going so I didn't care. "

Eric Adams - Co-Driver
Eric Adams is a high profile navigator within the SCCA ProRally series, and is usually seen co-driving for "Lurch" Burmiester in the Group 2 Mazda works car. He has run the entire ProRally circuit, from the famous STPR on the East Coast all the way to Wild West in Oregon.

Carl Fisher - Co-Driver
Carl Fisher has been involved in all aspects of rallying for many years. Years as a driver, plus time as a navigator, make him a excellent addition to the Lina Racing roster. In addition, Carl has spent lots of time working on the other side of rally: organization. Involved as everything from stage marshal to worker coordinator, Carl and his wife Emmy are regulars at every major rally on the East Coast.


  • "Anders you rally driver you!"
  • "Hairpin! Keep it tight!"