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Sandhills Sandblast 1 & 2
Coefficient 2 ClubRallies
May, 19 2001
Thanks for your interest and participation in the Sandhills Sandblast; Sanctioned by the South Carolina Region of the Sports Car Club of America. Chesterfield County welcomes the rally community back to the Sandhills State Forest which is managed by the South Carolina Forestry Commission. The Sandhills State Forest is located between the piedmont and coastal plain of South Carolina, consisting of 46,000 acres of sand deposited by a prehistoric sea.

Event Description
The day will consist of two coefficient 2 rallies. Each rally will be considered as in division for NEDIV and SEDIV. The events will be run according to the 2001 ClubRally Rules. The rallies will be run entirely within the Sandhills State Forest using their roads and county owned roads that lie within those boundaries. Event headquarters will be located at the Inn Cheraw, Cheraw, SC (843) 537-2011.

Registration and Technical Inspection
Entry will be open to all SCCA members holding a valid ClubRally or Pro Rally license. A ClubRally licensing seminar will be held Saturday, May 19th at 9 AM in the lobby of the Inn Cheraw. Entries will be limited to 60 cars. Registration will be held in the Headquarters Suite of Inn Cheraw. Registration and tech will be open from 2pm-8pm Friday and 9am-12pm Saturday. Tech will be located next to Inn Cheraw at Martin Motors.

Seeding and Start Order
Entries will be seeded according to the most current SCCA ClubRally seed list. Competitors will be re-seeded after the lunch break prior to Sandblast 2.

Stage roads consist of hard packed to soft sand and gravel. The hard packed areas can be extremely slippery when wet, and the soft sandy areas can catch you off guard if you're not on your toes. Timing will be to the hundredth of a minute. Penalty for lateness will be 20 hundredths of a minute for every minute of lateness.

If you are stopped in a location that will be used twice, your car will be moved to a safe location and the competitors taken to the end of the stage. Your vehicle will be left for extraction after the area is reopened to the public.

There will be one service area located at H. Cooper Black Recreation Area. Each service vehicle and crew must be registered. We ask that the Car # or #'s be on the service vehicle's windshield. A minimum of a 2-minute penalty per incident will be assessed to competitors whose crew fails. For example: to use a collection device while bleeding brakes or changing oil. Service crews are responsible for cleaning their area and removing their trash. It is imperative that we keep the whole area as clean as possible so we can enjoy the use of these facilities in the future. There will be no food services at H. Cooper Black Recreation Area. Water and shelter will be available. The post race party will be at H. Cooper Black Recreation Area after the last stage.

There will be one spectator area with maps available at Inn Cheraw lobby.

Entry Fee
$240.00 for both rallies 3/21-4/19 for early entry.
$280.00 for both rallies 4/19-5/19 for early entry.
Make checks or money orders payable to South Carolina Region, SCCA.

Mail to:

  • Charles Sherrill
  • 250 36th Ave. NW
  • Hickory, NC 28601
  • (828) 327-7586
  • catfich@aol.com