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Schedule A (1) Standard Supplementary Regulations:

Organizers are required to utilize these regulations and add their information applicable to the event preferably in a different bold typeface for ease of reading.

1. Jurisdiction

This event is a Performance Rally.

The Name of the Rally: Sand Hills Sand Blast

Promoted by: Charles Sherrill/Bryan Oneal

Date of Event: 11-22-03

City: Cheraw State Sc

This rally is round: of the:

To be held under These Supplementary Regulations, the NASA Rally Sport General Regulations for Rallies and its Appendices and particularly Appendix X – Driver Safety and Vehicle Requirements.

NASA Rally Sport Sanction Number is: 112203

2. Major Officials (Name Officials)

Clerk of the Course: John Shirley

Assistant Clerks of the Course: Charles Sherrill

Secretary of Meeting: Jeannie Sherrill

NASA Rally Sport Steward(s)

President: Kendall Russell

Safety: Floyd Schrader


Chief Scrutineer: Dave Marino

Chief Marshal: Bryan Oneal

Competition Relations Officer: Charles Sherrill

Judges of Fact: John Shirley

Organizing Committee Chairman: Charles Sherrill

Members: Bryan Oneal

Doug Rorie

Jimmy Hill

Anders Green

Address and contact phones (fax) for all matters pertaining to the event are as follows:

3. The Event

Venue: (Specify districts/forests/counties/state in broad terms): Sand Hills State Forest, Patrick,Sc.


65 Miles of special stages

129 Miles of transits

A full stage description is appended to these regulations.

First Car Starts: From: Sharecropper’s (detail location) at: 9:01 am/pm

First Car Finishes: At (approx) 3:36 am/pm at the final control which is situated at Cooper Black Recreational Area

4. Entries

These open with the publication of these regulations and close at: 12:01 (time) on 11-23 (date)

Entries delivered or received via electronic registration before 12:01 (time) on 10-23 (date) may pay the early entry fee.

Entries delivered or received via electronic registration after 12:01 (time) on 10-23 (date) must pay the standard entry fee.

Entries delivered or received via electronic registration after the normal closing date but delivered prior to (time) on (date) will be subject to the late fee.

Entries to be made on the correct form and to be deemed valid must be complete in all details and accompanied by the appropriate fees. Acceptance will be at the organising committee’s discretion. Organizers reserve the right to refuse any entry in accordance with the prescribed provisions of the GRRs.

A. Fees:

Early Entry Fee (optional for the Organizers): $ 365.00 USD

Standard Entry Fee: $ 415.00 USD

Late Entry Fee: $ NA USD

B. Number of Starters:

The organizers reserve the right to abandon the event if less than entries are received at normal closing date. The maximum number of starters will be 50 . Any additional entries received will be placed on the reserve list in order of receipt. These will be notified by (date) together with the seeded start list.

D. Competitor Requirements:

In signing the entry forms competitors (Entrant and Drivers) are deemed to fully understand the NASA Rally Sport GRRs and its relevant Appendices and Schedules, in particular, the GRR articles pertaining to protests and competitors obligations. Also the Schedule X articles pertaining to pace notes and reconnaissance.

E. License Requirements:

All Entrants (driver and co-driver) must hold a valid NASA Rally Sport competition license.

Any driver(s) who have not previously competed in three or more rallies must attend the special briefing.

Details of venue and time will be announced with the acceptance of entry.

5. Eligible Vehicles

(a) All vehicles shall comply with XXXXXX of the current GRRs unless stated otherwise in these supplementary regulations.

(b) Vehicles will be divided into the following classes:






6. Registration and Scrutineering

Competitors must present themselves at registration for the checking of licenses and documents, issuing of competition numbers and applicable advertising material prior to presenting the car for scrutineering and for those cars with forced induction engines, restrictor inspection.

Cars will not be cleared to compete until all of these numbers and advertising requirements are firmly affixed in the appropriate places on the vehicle.

The location for registration: Econo Lodge from 11-21-03 12PM until 11-21-03 8PM

The location for scrutineering: Same from until

Your actual report time to registration will be advised in your acceptance of entry.

7. Officials Identification

Officials of the event will be identified as detailed below.

(a) Marshals

(b) Stage Control Chief

(c) Scrutineers

(d) Other Officials

8. Official Bulletins

May be issued in accordance with the provisions of the GRRs.

9. Official Notice Boards

These will be at any of the following locations

  • Outside Secretaries office at Registration
  • Rally Headquarters
  • Results location

10. Results

Provisional results will be posted at Main Service / Awards Party on

11. Stage Notes

[Use the following text if stage notes are available. In such cases organizers are reminded of the need to create a box on the entry form for competitors to indicate the desire to purchase such notes.]

The use of Stage Notes will be permitted provided that they are original copies as created for this Event and supplied by the NASA Rally Sport authorised provider, P-Sports, Inc.

Information: The stage note system uses an automated computer program to generate a description of the special stage road using sensors fitted to a vehicle driven through each stage.

Such notes are intended to be used without reconnaissance. They describe the route in more detail than the Road Book.

The use of the stage notes is a direct contract between the competitor and P-Sport, Inc., with the organizer’s involvement being limited to authorizing the use and facilitating the preparation and distribution on behalf of P-Sport, Inc.

There is no obligation on any competitor to use these stage notes.



12. General

Note – include in here:

A. Details of where prize giving and social is to be held.

B. Any other matters peculiar to your particular event.

C. Entry form.

D. Award list.

Sand Hills SandBlast 2003 Supplemental Regulations


This event is sanctioned by the National Auto Sports Association. For more information please check their website at

SCCA Logos & Identification

AS a courtesy to the SCCA, all SCCA logos and identifications must be removed or covered with an opaque material prior to technical inspection. This covering must remain in place for the entire event.

Event insurance

General liability insurance for the event & participant medical insurance is provided through the National Auto Sports Association. Copies of the insurance certificate will be available for inspection on the official notice board for the event.

License & Membership Requirements

All drivers and co-drivers must have a valid state driver’s license. All drivers and co-drivers must hold a valid national, club or regional competition rally license. This license must be issued by a recognized sanctioning, FIA, CARS, SCCA, etc.


A driver or co driver must register as a new license applicant and attend a mandatory "first timers briefing". This briefing will cover all safety procedures and function of control workers and marshals.

Each driver and co-driver must be a NASA member. As a special offer to new members, NASA annual membership is only $25.00 per person at this event. This will be paid for you providing there are at least 25 entrants and will be valid for 12 months from date of issue and normally costs $35.00. NASA members are entitled to enter and participate in any NASA event across the country and will receive a subscription to Grassroots Motorsports, along with a membership card. While participating at events, all NASA members are covered by an extensive insurance policy, which includes general liability, accidental death and dismemberment, and excess medical coverage.

Event Regulations

This event will run under its own General Regulations. These regulations are very similar to this event as run in the past. There will be no hard copies of these general regulations sent to competitors, but are available online at

There will also be a copy at registration, service and the official notice board.


Headquarters for the event will be the Econolodge, formally the Regency Inn. Maps and local information are available on line through the Sandblast Rally website.

Car Numbers

Competitors may use their permanent car numbers. New teams will be responsible for supplying their own numbers. Numbers must be placed on a white background at least 15X15 inches and the numerals must be at least inches tall with a 1 inch stroke. Teams may select car numbers on a first come first serve basis after referencing the entry list on the website. Teams must notify Charles Sherrill on chosen numbers via email at or 828-234-6109. All teams must have their numbers in place before technical inspection.

Draw For Starting Position

The drawing for starting position will occur within each seed group. Day of event entries will be placed at the back of their seed group. There could slight adjustments to the starting order based on the number of driven wheels and horsepower given the characteristics of the roads. Repositioning for safety purposes will be done through the event at the organizers discretion.

Use of Course Notes, and Maps

You will be given a standard route book and course notes prepared by P-Sport. These are included with your entry and will be the only acceptable type of stage road information allowed. Any teams found using notes or maps other than provided by the organizers will be disqualified.


All service will take place at H. Cooper Black Recreation Area about 12 minutes from Headquarter Hotel. Their will be one auxiliary fuel stop that allows for fuel only. A marshal will be in place notify the to Rally master of any illegal service within that area.


If you are stopped in an area that will be used twice, your car will be moved to a safe location and competitors will be taken to the end of the stage or to service; time permitting. Your vehicle will be left for extraction when the area is reopened to the public. You are not out of the event if sweep assists you. Total Allowed Lateness is 30 minutes.








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