Pictures From 2004

  • New! About 160 photos from Paul Calhoun.
  • New! This is a 24 minute video from the spectator areas showing pretty much every car that went by the spectator areas. This file is over 90 megabytes, so that's huge. For dialup, that's a 3.5 hour download minimum. I highly recommend that you right-click and "save-as". This file is a .wmv, for Windows Media Player. Credits for shooting and editing are at the end of the film.
  • A photo of Jack Pegues. Jack was in charge of the radio net for the past several years. He has sadly passed away, last August. His presence will certainly be missed, and we would like to thank him for his contribution to the rally community.
  • Kevin Allen's pictures of all the competitors at the start. Also some car shots.
  • About 145 pictures from Rich Little of the Carolinas Miata Club.
  • 21 pictures from Hiro
  • 55 pictures from Dr. Biggly of 'NABISCO' fame.

If anyone wants their pictures linked here, or needs space to post them to the web, contact me: I can set up an FTP site where you can dump them, then I'll link them.

Pictures From 2003 Fall

  • 166 photos by Rich Little of the Carolina Miata Club
  • About 150 photos from photographer Pete Kuncis at On A Limb Racing. One of Pete's photos from that event became the banner you see above!
  •'s pleiades (Steven Rankins) has about a hundred photos.
  • Brian Coates' fortyfive (45) megabyte MPEG video. Mostly front runners, from a variety of spectator areas. (I've viewed it with Apple's Quicktime5 viewer. MS MediaPlayer v9.00 didn't work for me, although it has worked for other folks. If you get it to work with other viewers, please let me know.)

Pictures From 2003 Spring

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