We need volunteers to work the stages. Stage Captains, starters, sweep, radios, road closers, etc. Contact Brian O'Neal to step up. 828-256-5061 home or 828-244-0956 cell.

An excellent resource of information about working a rally and what it entails is available here: http://www.cricketlady.com/primer/rallyworkers/primer.html

The SandBlast rally relies heavily on volunteers to organize and operate this event. These events require a large number of people to insure the safety of workers and competitors alike. These positions include control operators, course marshalls, ham radio operators and spectator marshalls just to name a few. We recognize the efforts and dedication of all volunteer workers by establishing a new policy (see below) to thank you for your participation.

Workers will receive:

  1. Lunch on Saturday
  2. T-Shirts free
  3. Pizza / Beer party afterwards
  4. Lodging for persons traveling great distances (Contact Charles Sherill personally for requests for lodging)
  5. We're working on a $1,500.00 gas and hotel fund. A photocopy of valid drivers license and gas receipts dated 2-6-04 & 2-8-04 to have a check mailed to you after the event. We'll do our best using this money to help with hotel rooms and gas for the workers.

In fact, some of the best spectating spots available are working a "road closure", where you monitor a closed road that connects to the rally stage! You're right up at the action!

For any questions please contact:
Charles Sherill 828-327-7586
Bryan Oneal 828-312-6162


Position Who Phone
Rallymaster Charles Sherill 828-327-7586
Chief Of Controls
Worker Coordinator
Brian O'Neal 828-256-5061 H
828-244-0956 C
Spectator Control
Tech Inspector
Safety and Medical
Safety Coordinator ???
Registration Jeannie Sherrill
Timing, Scoring ???
Webpage Anders Green 919-303-0218

Web Master:Anders Green of Lina Racing