Sandblast Rally 2007


For teams needing high-octane race fuel, the fuel order form is in the appendix of the Rally Guide.

Conditions of Supply

Fuel will only be ordered for teams that pre-pay for their fuel. There will be no extra fuel available. Fuel may be ordered in 55 gallon increments. Fuel is ordered by the distributor on a per-drum (55 gallon) basis and the distributor is unable to return unused fuel. We recommend you get your fuel orders in early so that everything can be arranged properly.

Fuel Order Procedure

Teams wanting fuel must fill out the Fuel Order Form in the appendix of this document and fax it directly to Jackson Oil. The fuel is pre-paid only, and paid directly to Jackson Oil. The deadline for ordering is Friday, February 2nd, 4:00pm. The fuel will be picked up by the teams in Cheraw during registration at Jackson Oil.

Organized by Anders Green of Lina Racing

Eastern States Rally Championship NASA RallySport