Sandblast Rally 2007

Supplemental Regulations

Click here to download the final Supplemental Regulations (dated 2-8-07). (0.7 megabyte)

Change history of this document

Final: 2-8-07

  • Awards Ceremony location added

Draft 4: 1-31-07

  • New shakedown stage location
  • Clarification of post shakedown parc expose

Draft 3: 1-29-07

  • Change in exhaust regulations for RallyMoto™ competitors in 22.4

Draft 2: 1-7-07

  • Change in registration location
  • Change in volunteer training location
  • Start moved 30 minutes earlier to handle large field
  • Radio frequency changes
  • Clarification of fuel ordering
  • Shakedown location change
  • Post-shakedown Parc Expose addition
  • Note that this event counts toward the USRC
  • Updated 3.4 to include Spec Rally Focus as a scored class and expanded the bike classes to enclude specifically mentioning each class for various displacements
  • Updates to GRR section reference numbers to match 2007 GRRs

Draft 1: 12-1-06

  • first public draft

Organized by Anders Green of Lina Racing

Eastern States Rally Championship NASA RallySport