Sandblast Rally 2007

Sponsor - Town of Cheraw

Official Cheraw Web Site:

Sandblast Rally is excited to have the Town of Cheraw as a sponsor for the event! After five years of playing host city to the rally, Cheraw is building a racing heritage. However, this heritage did not begin with rally cars: for ten years Cheraw was the center of organization for a large boat racing event. That same spirit of acceptance toward motorsport continues today making it an ideal spot to headquarter the rally.

To really appreciate Cheraw, one has to also peer into the past, for this city was founded over 250 years ago. Located on the Pee Dee river, Cheraw is the furthest navigable upstream point on the river. This made it a excellent spot early on for shipping and export. However, it also made it a good spot for conflict: during the Revolution War there were many sorties between the Americans and the British right around this area. You can still find the graves of British soldiers in the local cemetery. The connection to the England was quite close: the last Anglican church commissioned by King George is in Cheraw!

Fortunately later centuries brought proposperity, peace, and fame. In the early 1900s, Cheraw gave birth to one of it's most famous sons: Dizzy Gillespie. Honored today with a statue in the center of town, Dizzy's famous jazz music continues to influence jazz musicians the world over. The second half of the 1900s saw booming industry come to Cheraw, and that industry remains a large employer in this town.

Organized by Anders Green of Lina Racing

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