Sandblast Rally 2008

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Upload your pictures!

Are you going to take pictures of the 2008 event? You can have them hosted here on the official Sandblast Rally web site!

First, you have to get them to me. Here's how.

  • Open up in IE 7. (Apparently FireFox doesn't do FTP uploads. )
  • Username 4321, password 111111
  • Then, click "Page" button, then "open this ftp site in explorer" menu option.
  • Username 4321, password 111111 again
  • From there, a window should open that you can just drag your folder onto.
  • Please name your folder after your real name! This way I can give proper photo credit when I use it for something. If you want you can also add your forum/name after, so you could name your folder something like:John-Dixon-nasioc-jdWRX
  • I'll download them, process them, and create all the galleries, then get them on the official site.

Note that while we are happy to encourage amateur photography, having your pictures hosted here does not give you Press Pass levels of access on the day of the rally.

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Organized by Anders Green of Lina Racing

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