Sandblast Rally 2009

What’s New for Competitors?

  • The start will be in downtown Cheraw this year instead of at Oslo's. We are just too big for the parking lot and need a bit more space to show off the cars and motorcycles!
    Check out the new Event Schedule (unofficial).
  • There will be only one service location this year at the Festival Field in Patrick, South Carolina.
  • Not new, but take note: A Late Paperwork Fee. Basically, you need to get everything in to the registrar one week before the rally, or you will pay twenty bucks in a late fee. All the details are in the supplemental regulations.
  • Also not new, but still take note: Novice Competitor Orientation begins at 10am on Friday. We want enough time to present all safety and competitive materials and still allow you to participate in the shakedown stage. Please be prompt if you are required to attend.

Organized by Anders Green of Lina Racing

NASA RallySport