Sandblast Rally 2011

How to get involved with the Sandblast Rally

Short of buying a rally car and entering yourself, there are two great ways to get involved with this exciting rally.

1) Volunteer to help the rally

Every rally needs volunteers. Our rally volunteers are involved because they love the sport and want to support the community. Marshals monitor closed intersections to help keep everyone safe! Spectator marshals share their knowledge of the sport with the spectators while helping everyone have a fun, safe experience! Control volunteers check competitors in and out of racing stages, mark their stage times and count down competitors at the start line! All of these volunteers are valuable supporters of the event and the local community.

Volunteers get a limited edition event t–shirt, lunch and dinner while on the stages, and attend the awards party! If helping build the sport of rally in hands–on way interests you, take a look at the volunteer information and sign up today.

2) Volunteer to help a particular team as a crew member

Organizing this takes a bit more initiative on your part. Some teams may post on Special Stage discussion forums that they are looking for crew members to help at the rally. Try contacting a team and see what you can work out.

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