Sandblast Rally 2011

Sandblast Rally Audio Files

Enjoy these clips from past events!

Chairman of the Rally Anders Green on the WCRE Mitch and Jane Show

Please right click, save as, then listen.

The Thursday before the rally, Anders, his father Ken, Jane, and Mitch:
*Interview (7.5 megabytes, 31 minutes)

About three weeks before the rally, Anders, Jane, and Mitch:
*Part 1 (3.8 megabytes, 16 minutes)
*Part 2 (4.5 megabytes, 19 minutes)

WCRE Interview with organizer Anders Green - Part A

Sandblast Rally radio commercial

Click here to listen to the 30 second Sandblast Rally radio ad. (0.5 megabytes)

We contacted Russ Rose of WXDX, "105-9 the X", and commissioned this ad. It turned out fantastically well. If you’re interested in having similar work done, don’t hesitate to contact Russ by email at

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